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Guided Tours to Keukenhof Gardens from Amsterdam

When you want to go to Keukenhof Gardens you will have to choose a way to travel to the flower park. It’s only 24 miles from the city centre of Amsterdam but the transportation options can be difficult to understand. You can take the Keukenhof Bus (public transport) or rent a car. But one of the most populair options is to book a guided tour from Amsterdam.

A guided tour is usually luxurious, easy and very informative. You do not have to worry about anything and travel to your destination in one go. You can also easily combine your visit to Keukenhof Gardens with other locations and experience Holland in a day.

Keukenhof Tours – Your perfect day trip in Holland

There are many providers of day trips to Keukenhof. Especially from Amsterdam there are many options which you can choose from. All operators use luxury buses to bring you directly to Keukenhof Gardens and mostly there is also a live guide included. A guided tour is also perfect to combine some of the best attractions in Holland in just one (busy) day.

Choose your perfect day trip

Below we will list some of the best day trip tours which include Keukenhof Gardens.

Keukenhof Tour

You travel with a luxury bus to the Keukenhof Tulip Gardens and you will get Fast-track admission to the Flower Park. There is a live guide which speaks English, Spanish and German.

  • Duration: This tour will take about 5,5 hours.
  • Prices for this tour: Adults € 59,00 / Kids (4-11 years) € 29,50.

Keukenhof Tour + Flower Fields + Visit a real tulip farm

With this tour you will enjoy Keukenhof flower garden but you will also have a great tour at a real Dutch tulip farm near the flower park. With this tour you will experience the flower fields in Holland at it best. There is a live guide which speaks English, Spanish and German.

  • Duration: This tour will take about 6,5 hours.
  • Prices for this tour: Adults € 69,00 / Kids (4-11 years) € 34,50

Keukenhof + Flower Fields + Volendam + Zaanse Schans

The most complete day trip in Holland is this Keukenhof + Countryside tour. You will visit an authentic Dutch windmill and demonstration by a miller. You will also visit a cheese factory, wooden shoe factory and a Dutch Bakery. Of course the tour includes Fast-track admission to Keukenhof where you will have free time to discover Keukenhof at your own pace.

  • Duration: This tour will take about 11 hours. (it’s a busy but really fun day trip in Holland)
  • Prices for this tour: Adults € 99,00

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